How qualified are you to lead a MAT?

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Being the CEO of a MAT is different in many ways from being a headteacher.
Headteachers are rising through the ranks to become MAT CEOs.


Are you qualified to lead a MAT?

15th November - 4 pm


This webinar is your first step to becoming an accredited highly effective leader through the new National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders (NPQEL) programme.
The NPQEL recognises the increasing demands on CEOs and Executive Leaders and this is the first time a nationally recognised qualification has been developed at this level of leadership. The NPQEL is the programme to help support your growth as a leader of a large complex organisation and help you meet your development goals as a current or aspirant CEO of a Multi Academy Trust.
Headteachers, current and aspiring Executive Leaders across all phases.
Webinar host and Executive NPQEL Programme Lead Trainer, David Vachell, brings experience from a business and senior educational background to guide participants through the executive leadership programme, its structure and expected outcomes. Participants will have time to ask David questions and understand the commitment required to undertake the qualification.
The webinar is free to attend. Advanced registration is required to receive a URL to watch the webinars online and the phone number to listen to audio. If you can't attend this time, please continue to register as the webinar will be available as a recording after the live event.
Take your first step to being a highly effective leader, register for the webinar

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