Vulnerable Learners

Improve Outcomes for Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Learners

Why you may need support!


  • Identify and address pupil’s learning needs effectively
  • Increase awareness of pupil’s specific learning needs
  • Improve progress and attainment through identifying priority areas for development
  • Enhance your school’s overall capacity to deliver
  • Enhance emotional health and wellbeing
  • Reduce inappropriate behaviours and learning barriers
  • Improved access to the curriculum through the promotion of inclusive practices

We offer schools and settings additional support where the needs of the child/young person do not meet the local authority threshold for support.

Who we support

From those with full statements of SEND or EHCPs through to minority groups, disadvantaged learners and those who may need to 'catch up', we support children and young people to overcome barriers to learning and ensure all children are safe, healthy, happy and make progress.

How do we support

Our bespoke service is tailored to meet individual need.  We provide practical support, training and targeted strategies across all key stages of education to accelerate progress and remove barriers to learning.

  • Support schools with appropriate policy and practice advice regarding vulnerable pupils
  • Help schools identify children and young people with additional needs
  • Provide information, interventions and strategies for vulnerable and disadvantaged children
  • Provide bespoke training and whole school/individual staff development

Prevention and Early Help

Early Help is about identifying children and young people with additional needs at an early stage and responding dynamically and effectively to meet these needs and build resilience to reduce future needs.

We work with children/young people, families, schools and other agencies to address problems before they get worse.

Early Help refers both to:

  • Help in the critical early years of a child’s life, when the fundamental building blocks of future development are laid, and
  • Responding as soon as possible when difficulties emerge throughout a child or young person’s life


Inclusion in education is about developing schools and settings and their practices and procedures so that all pupils learn and participate together, which leads to reduced exclusion, discrimination, barriers to learning and increased participation.

Our inclusion teams support the leadership of inclusion and the effectiveness of the provision in meeting pupil’s needs.

Through SEND reviews and Pupil Premium reviews we can provide a fresh view of the effectiveness of systems and processes to ensure good outcomes for vulnerable pupil groups.

Through staff development and capacity building, we enable schools and settings to learn from the reduction of barriers for some children to further benefit the whole school.

Specialist Intervention and Support

We provide pupil level support for learners and those that support them.

Our highly experienced and qualified, specialist teachers and practitioners work across the following service areas to support children and young people, families, educational and professional staff.

  • Autism, Communication and Interaction
  • Educational Psychology
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Ethnic Minority and Travellers Support
  • Physical Difficulties
  • Sensory Impairment: Hearing Impairment, Multi-Sensory Impairment and Visual Impairment
  • Social Emotional Mental Health

Children and young people are all unique and have individual needs; therefore each service will consider context and setting when allocating support. Each service will use specialist knowledge to provide advice and support to schools and settings. In some cases a combination of specialist teams may be involved, dependent upon the needs of children and young people.

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements which may not fall into the service areas listed.

Improve outcomes for your disadvantaged and vulnerable learners

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